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A peek at the larger picture

Dear Ann,

In the Father’s kingdom we spirits were fortunate enough to acquire some of His/Her creative potential. It required that we remain "givers" and not "takers." At the higher "heaven" levels actions of domination and selfishness eventually bring destruction.

When many of the spirits in our dimension decided to follow leaders with less restrictions, we quickly got banished to holding areas such as Earth. We were given a period in which to recognize our mistakes, but were warned that there would be a final judgment later, to end this trial period.

As we come to the present time in our various bodies and locations, we find the most rebellious of our group are desperate to block this judgment, and want to bring as many God-loyal spirits as possible into their dark side agendas (defiance).

To ensure a valid final choice is had by all concerned, the loyal guardians (angelics) have now been asked to no longer try to balance our negative thoughts and actions with positive balance influences ... unless we request such aid.

As usual, God’s truths are easy to grasp with a little desire and effort.

Al Fry
Garden Valley, Idaho


Message from Jesus Sananda

Dear Ann,

I received your newsletter and read some of the things of interest to me. I am so sorry for your difficulty being a caregiver. As you well know, I spent the last year of my Mom’s life caring for her and nine out of 10 years taking care of Dad. They were very emotionally and mentally challenged years.

After Mom’s passing, I had to "not grieve for three years" until I got Dad over his own loss of his wife. Prior to this moment, I was not ready to communicate with my Mother until I knew that Dad’s grief had abated somewhat and he was more at peace with acceptance and love.

At this time, I began to allow myself to "grieve" the loss of my Mom. And, I allowed her to come to me in telepathic communication with my grandmother at her side (Mom’s mom). I recalled her words in telepathy: "Daughter, I am so sorry for not encouraging you to develop your telepathic gift and kept you quiet, so to speak, out of protection. I should have allowed you to develop your gift with open arms and love. I, now, understand why Mamaw (Mom’s mom) came to you to be your telepathic teacher for the work you are now doing for humanity." This was the moment of healing for me and forgiveness for her. We healed each other spiritually.

Dad knew that he would not be alone because I was with him. However, he did mention that he wanted to be with Mom and just go to sleep. This is exactly what he did in his passing. He just went to sleep in the comfort of his own home, in peace, on Summer Solstice, June 21, 2018 (10 years after Mom’s March 10, 2008 passing.) I was not with him when he passed. But, he came to me at the Native American Sacred Healing Day in Iowa (June 21, 2018) and said, "Daughter, you are exactly where you need to be." There is more to this story that I will tell you later.

Being a caregiver, there were a couple of times that I felt myself "dying" inside. From what I have researched online about caregiver’s burnt-out situations, I knew that I had to do something to take care of my own emotional, mental and physical health. At both times with my own inner guidance, Dad’s love and blessings, and instructions to my family members, I spent a year recovering from my emotional and mental state of being. In both separate years of being away from family, I crashed and slept for three weeks. This was how close I came to "checking" out. I knew that I still have an Earth Mission to do and I needed to be well emotionally, mentally and physically. Spiritually, I was and am very strongly connected to the heavens in my telepathic communication with my guides, angels, and star families, despite my health issues at the time.

After my Dad’s passing, my relocation back to Texas in the fall of 2018 was also not an easy one. Being among the "not awakened" family members was very challenging at times. And, I am living in an area of strictly Bible-belt belief system. People are not awake here yet. I am still in the transition mode of temporarily staying with my youngest daughter until the universe provides the ideal home for me to live freely and able to continue being the person that I am without living in two worlds; the world that my family is in sees me as the old self, and the awakened world is where I can be the "Adona of Star Ancestry" self.

It is interesting that history repeats itself. When you go back in history, Biblical history, I recalled that Master Jesus was not welcome in his own hometown because he was not the same person as he was as the carpenter’s son. The neighbors that knew him rejected him and made fun of him, being the spiritually awakened one, or as the Christians have said, "Being anointed by Holy Spirit and began his Earth Mission."

I want to comment on Sheri Gould’s insert of Jesus/Sananda’s words ... "I do not wish to be called ‘Lord’; I am your brother. I do not wish you to bow down to me; I am one with you. I do not wish you to make crosses with my body on it, for I do not want that image to be portrayed." She was right on in her telepathic link with him.

In 1987 I had a vision at night outside at Starlight Farm, located near La Grange, Texas. Jesus came to me, and standing to the right of me, he questioned me: "Do you see people to the right of me?" I said, "Yes." He again asked me this question: "Do you see the people to the left of you?" I said, "Yes." He said, "We are all on the same line." I pondered the why of his answer. He said, "I am your brother. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all children of God. We are all in the Light of God."

Next, he said to me: "Do not put me on the pedestal. Do not worship me. Do not look at the symbol of the cross or wear one, for the multitude of crosses brought unpleasant and painful memories for me and thousands of other souls that have been staked on the crosses that controllers, being the Roman Empire at the time, created fear and pain to those souls who did not please the Roman Empire or any previous empires that have used this harsh method to control humanity."

Jesus said, "Remember me for my spiritual teachings. Sermon of the Mount is one set of teachings. There are other teachings in the world that have the same meaning of love, forgive, bless, and share with each other all the things that each human being lacks in life. We are the light of the world. The light that exists within all life in the Universe. Love is the key to bring about healing, blessing and sharing of knowledge and wisdom of the Universe with each other."

Jesus said, "I did not come to create a religion. I came to enlighten your own path and connection to the Light of God. I came with my own gifts to impart with humanity, to relieve the sufferings of life and yet, to bring joy and laughter into the world. I came to share with you that the same gifts that I have, you also shall have in life. What are those gifts? The gift of telepathy, the gift of healing/light/sound/frequency, the gift of knowingness, the gift of being able to see into the next dimension, the gift of visions and prophecy, the gift of past life memories and reincarnation to heal your own self and to know your own Earth Mission, the gift of being able to see and talk to your own star families/guides/loved ones and the list goes on, my brothers and sisters on Earth."

Jesus said, "Knowledge was lost eons ago that humanity were stumbling their way back to the light from the darkness of controllers control over them. Now, the Light is in the world and the knowledge, wisdom and the gifts have returned among humanity. It is no longer just handed to a select few people. The wave of higher energies that is usually what the old Biblical scholars would say … Holy Ghost … brings about the awakenings among humanity again. Humanity now can tap into the knowledge, wisdom and gifts easily now. Brothers and sisters, use your gifts wisely and always be open to higher positive energies with love and blessings therein."

Jesus said: "The upcoming holidays should be celebrated every day, not on the selected day that happens to be not my actual birth date. All of the historical trappings are just materials made into the holiday themes. What is the core of the fixed holidays? The core of the fixed holidays are being together as One people of Earth loving, giving, sharing and healing each other. Spread the love and light into the world. Forgive each other. Bless each other. Heal each other. Be of one heart and one mind in Spirit, no matter what manmade religion, culture and background that you are in. Give love, forgiveness, healing, blessing and peace a chance, my brothers and sisters. ALL THAT IS…..LOVE DIVINE!"

This is all that Jesus/Sananda wanted to share with humanity.

Be at peace, my sister, Ann/Kari! All is well with you and humanity!

Love, Adona



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