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from the August 2020 Star Beacon


Christianity embraces spirituality in new book


The Metaphysical Christian: Embracing Christian Divinity and Metaphysical Spirituality
by Charlotte McGuire GoodwinMay 2012
ISBN 978-0979834820

Spirits and Miracles LLC
May 2020, 140 pages
Paper $9.99, ebook $3.99

Review by
Ann Ulrich Miller


        Eleven years ago, before I moved back to Colorado in 2009, I had discovered Charlotte Goodwin’s previous book, The Twisted Path, now a treasured item in my metaphysical book collection. I was honored to receive an in-depth reading from Charlotte during that phase in my life when my husband, Ethan Miller, was about to transition from Earth following his terminal illness. She was of tremendous help to me then, and I hold a lot of respect for Charlotte.


        Now she has just come out with another book, The Metaphysical Christian: Embracing Christian Divinity and Metaphysical Spirituality, which addresses the harmony of mainstream religions with metaphysical gifts and beliefs.


        One of the most difficult things in life has to be someone with such magnificent psychic gifts who is born into a fundamentalist Christian family and begins to manifest their abilities, but ends up being confused and even shamed for having them.


        As a child it must have been very difficult for Charlotte as she struggled to justify her gifts while embracing her Christian heritage and beliefs. This book tells about her early life in which she seeks to inform the reader that both Christian Divinity and metaphysical spirituality are revered in the teachings of God’s angels and spiritual messengers.

        No one needs to be afraid of a journey that includes both.

        Charlotte's book is important for those who struggle with the idea that the church frowns on anything beyond their own teachings. She presents it all in a way that is comforting, informative, and sympathetic. I recommend getting a copy of her book, either in paperback or ebook, and sharing it with those you know and love who may question the validity of thinking "outside the box."

        I hope she will continue to write more books ... on any subject!






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