Legendary Creatures

from the August 2021 Star Beacon


By Al Fry

Aside from the huge numbers of creatures strung all across the universe in various dimensions and forms, we have quite a number from our own planet. I was informed there are at least two large fossil sites on Earth that contain the earliest embodied spirits cast out of heaven (Enoch’s rebellion story).

One happens to be in the Iraq area and was one of the first things our military targeted in the museums Iraq had of evidence once the conflict started. The second fossil collection is located in the US, but is guarded against the usual "wipe away" agendas by the Smithsonian overseers. Goodness knows how many giant skeletons they have acquired and hidden away.

Over the years, however, a number of giant birds and reptiles have been sighted briefly. I suspect that these tend to come in from a parallel Earth that bleeds one of their creatures over into our time lines.

The first law bearer (Avatar) I questioned on such topics informed me that we once had all sizes of humanoids on Earth. The Giants and mini species were at some point abandoned to allow our general size to predominate and act as housing for us spirits.

One notable fluke were the Cyclops, who were genetically made up later to act as a police force to keep our enslaved ancestors in check. They were greatly hated and feared, and like the Nephaline giants were hunted down and killed by our somewhat freed ancestors.

The few skulls found have typically been destroyed or lost. This sounds like a page out of Atlantean history. It seems they were eventually allowed to self-destruct when they insisted on adding on animal parts to their Homo sapiens bodies ... as a rather twisted status symbol.

A carry-over of this is in the various animal heads of the Egyptian rulers over the various animal kingdoms, etc. Pan is still called up by psychics as a humanoid with a horse’s body, and he is the ruler of most of the world of nature spirits.

Infrared cameras have caught some of the giant blob-like squids, etc., that float around in our atmosphere. Most planets have life forms adapted to the harsher gases on them. We humans, of course, are more interested in similar species to our own and the illusive Sasquatch and ET visitors compete with the MUR aquatics. A number of scuba divers swear they have caught glimpses of the spear-toting Mur men.

One fisherman named Hong Phung caught a Mur maid in the Gam River a few years back, Spooked at the prospect of being charged with murder, he dumped her body back just after the picture was taken by a French tourist. When authorities arrived, he denied the event -- just as our government people close to rumored Mur captivity agendas remain close-mouthed.

In the past we have had babies born with slits resembling gills below the ears and who is to say some of our species didn't live in the oceans at a period in the past?

On and on ... the rumors and stories persist.

Al Fry writes from Garden Valley, Idaho.


This page updated July 30, 2021





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