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Reptilian encounter

For some years when my boys were small, we would lay out on the lawn in sleeping bags through the night and star watch. We saw all sorts of things, including many UFOs. I always wanted a close encounter, but it never happened.

But my elder boys did. One awoke to find two aliens in his room, and the other boy, who lives with me, had two close encounters.

Although he is reluctant to speak of it, he told me again last night that the two elder boys were skateboarding at night in a supermarket car park. My son actually spoke to a Reptilian.

He told my son that there are many versions of the Reptilians, with many views on mankind. He seemed cautious but friendly toward my son, but said many are not.

In shock, my son rang the police and reported the first incident; he said a police car arrived and asked him a few questions, then put him in the police car and placed a hood over his head. Then they drove him to some place and led him inside and took off the hood.

He knew it was a masonic hall because of the black and white checkered floor. There were these strong lights playing on him and some seated men in shadow questioned him ... what school he went to ... who were his parents ... then in detail about the UFO. Afterwards, they dropped him off at the end of the road where he lived.

Name Withheld Upon Request


Latest from ECETI

Very important. Please read and share widely. The following is to Michael Green from Gregory Ervin. (Ed.’s Note: I received this email on Jan. 12, 2021.)

Dear Patriots,

Some of you may recognize my name. I have daily briefing with POTUS and have posted here before a handful of times as "helper."

What I’m about to disclose is the most important post you’ll read before the inauguration. Q will not post here again, at least not for a while.

The operation is ongoing, but must run silent at this point. Once we wind down, you will not hear from Q again. Don’t let this worry or upset you. We are in perhaps the most critical juncture of American history. POTUS is fully aware of the gravity of this time period. We have prepared from before 2015 for this exact moment.

I am not asking for faith in us. Q should have already used logic, reason, and multiple proofs to establish our credibility. What happens this week will change history.

We are asking you for now to stay in your homes and do NOT under any circumstances interfere with the operation. You’ll soon see things unfold that many would think impossible. POTUS is insulated and 100 percent safe. Our plan is almost complete. The DS has already lost. Everything you’re seeing in the MSM and on Twitter is a last-ditch attempt. Why has Kamala not yet left the senate? Where is Joe? Where is Joe really? Hunter has turned himself in.

We asked you at the beginning to prepare. Your role is crucial, and your task is to help the population deal with what is about to be revealed. Those patriots who have been here from the start will understand and recognize this directive. Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn.

Do not believe the MSM over the next week. Do not, for a single minute, give them any credence. We have legally won this election and what comes next is the greatest mop-up job in the history of the world.

Patriots, we thank you. We could not have gotten here without you. Now is our time. Hold the line. You will receive no further message on this channel from us until the operation is over. At that point, the entire world will know.

Thank you and God bless. Pray for us, POTUS, and the United States of America. We are in the most dangerous phase and the stakes could not be higher. Military takedowns and arrests begin this weekend and will continue forward for the next 13 days/nights. Some internation raids have already started. Italy has also been found complicit in our election fraud.

Everyone will be getting emergency alerts on their phones, TVs, radios and Internet. It will override all other broadcasts and could last for several hours at a time.

Do not be scared of what’s coming as it is for the safety of our nation for this to unfold. DO NOT travel to any large cities (especially Philadelphia) for the rest of the month. Military operations will be taking place in many of the major corrupt cities.

People will start rioting once this intel breaks, thinking Trump is a military dictator. He only has 13 days to put this dog down.

The implementation of the Insurrection Act began after the raid on the Capitol and was marked by Trump’s broadcast to the people to disband and return home. This broadcast wound up being blocked, for the most part, by the media. Nevertheless, the address fulfilled the requirements to initiate the Act.

Marines and National Guard troops are being moved as needed for the riots that will start after the national release of the intel. The intel will be dropped for everyone to see and hear in loops that will be several hours long.

The system was just checked by the FCC a few days ago, alerting ALL media that they cannot block the flow of intel under federal regs.

Trump will be moved continuously like a chess piece from now until the 20th, in order to avoid any retaliation against him and his family.


Dimensional Battle

We are living in a time of chaos and uncertainty. Here is a somewhat different way to see things.

The dark energies that have enslaved humanity derives from the attributes of 3rd Dimension: fear, separation, anger, judgment, and service-to-self. These energies are the same as caused the fall of Atlantis. It encourages individuals, who it dominates, to seek control, desire to accumulate wealth, and live comfortable lives with little regard for the rest of humanity. Others who are not totally dominated by dark energy willingly yield to its effects in order to remain in their comfort zones.

In contrast, the energies of 5th Dimension are characterized by unconditional Love, perfect Unity, embracing the Light of Source, and service-to-others. Those of the 5th Dimension care about the best for others, both those with whom they come into contact and elsewhere in the world. Functioning at this dimension is spiritual. I have been encouraged by benevolent off-planet beings to follow this path.

These two statements may seem simplistic. However, I believe they help us to recognize the contrast of two widely separate ways of thinking and behaving. The chaos and uncertainty of our current situation is a perfect example. Make time to explore this contrast and how it affects you.

This battle between the two dimensions has been going on for thousands of years on this planet. It can be seen in the many institutions that one time began with a noble agenda. That vision was compromised by individuals, embracing 3rd Dimension energy, assuming control of the institution. Examples of corruption are religions, medical systems, the media, and legal systems. Money dictates behavior rather than the vision of those operating from a service-to-others orientation.

The current struggle for President of the United States is an extraordinary focal point of this age-old struggle. There are many that would have us continue along a 3rd Dimension path of compromise, misinformation, and power struggles, not questioning what the media sets forth. Then there are others who see an opportunity to break from our traditional enslavement, to find a way forward based on truth, justice, freedom, and doing what is the highest good for humanity. Some aligned with the highest good are showing the path forward to higher consciousness. Make time to listen to them.

I believe that humanity will grasp the high road of this moment. It will not be either quick or easy. It will require a sustained effort on the part of those committed to this high road. It will also require those of us who understand the situation and know what is at stake to focus our energies in support of this grand goal and to explain it to others

With this in mind, we each should be observers of the struggle, not withdrawing from either it in the name of some high mindedness or reconciling ourselves to continuing the old ways. We need to recognize the evil of the activities of dark energy. Observe the darkness without becoming entangled with it. Commit to moving upward by leaving behind all that represents the lower consciousness of 3rd Dimension. Stop supporting anything that enables dark energies. Lend your energies to the positive outcome of the struggle.

Your active participation is requested.

Blessings, Mark Kimmel






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