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Q:   Dear Commander,
Is the Elohim's home planet in the habitable zone of this Milky Way System, or is it in another galactic system in our "local" group? Best wishes to you as you educate Terran humans.                      From Patrick

A: Dear Patrick,
         The Elohims' home world is in the Pleiades sector, which is in a sector that includes Earth and the Milky Way spiral in the outer most spiral. The Elohim, or winged ones to ancient humans, were Pleiadians. The reference to wings has to do with their discs (crafts).
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni

Q:   Dear Sanni,
         Is it natural for me, as a human, to want to meet all extraterrestrials and to just be with them and not humans? I really want to evolve and to feel the energy.           Elizabeth G.                                

A: Dear Elizabeth,
         Yes, it's natural, but if you only want to meet them just to have personal proof of their existence, that is not good and defeats the true purpose of interacting with them. Just like in humans, there are good and negative among ETs as well.
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni


Q:   Hello, Commander,
         My name is Kevin. I live on southern Vancouver Island, Canada. I was wondering where my origins come from. Ships have flown over my house at night on several occasions and woke me up to see them at low altitude. I have also seen many people dressed in "Star Trek" looking attire. They have called me several names, none of which are Kevin. Just wondering if you can tell me what this means.                                        Kevin

A: Dear Kevin,
         Kevin is a Terran name. You might have been Kevah (Pleiadian), which I feel is your stellar origin. The people you saw were Pleiadians and Lyrans. They were dressed in Trekkie attire so you could feel comfortable and not be scared. You were called many names because that was what your subconscious wanted you to hear ... your Earth name as well as your Pleiadian name.
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni


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