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Q:   Dear Sanni Ceto,
I'd like to know if any ET species will help us solve the Fukushima crisis? I feel it will poison the whole earth and all living beings on it, and I don't think any human can stop it or clean the earth from the radioactive poison that's already been released. I think we really need ETs' help now.
I also wonder if you can help me get in direct physical or mental contact with any friendly ET? I want to learn from them and have discussions about the problems on Earth and other things. To have an ET as a friend would simply be amazing.                          Ronny Rydström, Stockholm, Sweden


A: Dear Ronny,
         Fukushima was a manmade event; therefore, humans must learn from their mistakes. If you give a baby a weapon, it's dangerous. Atoms in hands not trained to understand create disaster.
        To have ETs solve world issues is like having a child make adult decisions. To learn that you must grow to depend on ETs to solve global issues is not taking responsibility to solve them yourselves. Planetary civilizations that seek outside saviors to end their issues are worlds that ultimately die out.
        Fallout from this event gradually neutralizes as it falls out as particulate matter in the jet stream and other wind currents. The half-life of the material decays and mostly falls over oceans. To protect yourself involves discretion in the foods you consume, such as avoiding certain species of fish and other vertebrate matter, and above all don’t get into a mindset of panic.
        The natural order of the ecosystem heals itself over time, and the fallout was of a minute property, despite what your media tells you. The poisons released have a half life, or decay rate, of breaking down into harmless particulate matter over a period of time. The radiation that was released has to follow a series of patterns to decay and disseminate into the natural environment, as that's the natural order in how elements decompose and return to a harmless state of matter. Future animals and plants will develop genetic alterations as a way to cope with the fallout that occurs over oceans.
        The best solution is to end using atomic power as an energy source. The poisons need to be contained and kept from entering the food chain.
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni

Q:   Dear Commander,
         I would like to know how many kinds of aliens have an impact on people who govern our planet. And is it only negative energy? Thank you. Greetings.                                        Patryk from Poland          

A: Dear Patryk,
         There are several different species that work in governments on Earth. Most are of negative energies, though a few are from the positive, hoping to bring about change for a better world.
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni


Q:   Dear Commander,
         How do you stop the process of aging of the human body and obtain the possibility of living in human form, let's say several hundred years, or even more as other cosmic races can do? How do you activate the human brain for its full capability?
         Also, how do you activate 12 DNA strands, and how long do Zeta Reticulans live in their physical bodies? Did souls living as Zetas remember their previous incarnations or lose it as humans do?
         Does karma exist on the Zeta Reticuli planet?
         Thank you so much for answering my questions. Greetings from Poland with love and light,                                      

A: Dear Greg,
         Living in a body comes with conditions. To live that long, you would have to be completely in a bubble or a biodome, free of all toxins, and eat organic food and water with no chemicals at all, and no environmental pollutants.
         Activation of DNA is done through the inner or astral body, not the physical body as it's an energy event.
         Karma is universal and affects all beings through our actions in life. Activation of the entire brain is through music, art and science connecting the neurons to the etheric and astral bodies and repatterning the mind from past life events and societal programming. All souls remember.
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni


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