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An article from the December 2015 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

        As 2015 comes to a close, what should be a time of celebration with Christmas and a New Year ahead has become instead a precarious future of doom and gloom.
        How easy it is to fall into the trap of allowing ourselves to dwell only on the evils playing out in these so-called end-times.
        Headline news and television reporting is in our faces, hawking pending war, graphically displaying people dying at the hands of crazed jihadists, leaving most people with the idea that there is absolutely no hope left for those of us who are peace loving, compassionate and Light filled.
        Is this all a façade? Are we being fed all of this by the dark forces, in order to make us believe it is futile to fight off the inevitable? The art of persuasion is most effective in directing public sentiment and in leading the unaware astray, onto the paths of fear and apathy (as in "What’s the use?").
        As a lightworker, I feel it is my responsibility to be aware of what's going on around me, and so, yes … I do pay attention to world news, politics and the lies being perpetrated on the world's citizens.
        But I also feel I have a responsibility to do my part to lift up the vibration, starting with the people I interact with on a daily basis. Feeding the fuel of their anger and hostility toward a crumbling world is not going to bring about the better world conditions of Earth's Golden Age.
        Showing compassion and tolerance is what is needed, and yet being led to the slaughter is not. My heart aches for the oppressed Syrian citizens who would prefer to remain in their country and build a new life for themselves, but their tyrannical government gives them no choice and they are migrating to European countries and possibly America.
        I have mixed opinions about this. First of all, there is a great difference between being judgmental and being discerning. Have you ever wondered if you are too judgmental? Do you know the difference between judgment and discernment?
        How do you know if you are being judgmental or discerning? Is it even possible for human beings to never be judgmental?
        Anyone who claims they are not judgmental most likely is being hypocritical. How can we go through life without making decisions using our best judgment? Based on the information we collect -- and it is important to gather as much as you can, in order to make a fair assessment -- our decision about something needs to be carefully weighed, and not become a knee-jerk reaction to something we have read or heard about on the news, or adopted from someone else’s often prejudiced opinion.
        We have a responsibility, as lightworkers and responsible citizens of the planet, to look at both sides of an issue and make decisions by using discernment. Discernment, according to my Webster's Dictionary, means "to see or understand the difference, to make distinction." Also, "Discernment stresses accuracy, as in reading character, motives, etc."
        Judgmental people tend to be rigid and unbending zealots of programmed, indoctrinated ideologies. These people embrace concepts that others have drummed into their heads. They believe what they are fed without taking the time and care to digest the information before swallowing it as "truth." There are usually many different ways of looking at a problem, and the old saying, "take a walk in my shoes," confirms this.
        Instead of declaring that the world is "doomed," and that we are headed for destruction because of evil forces, faulty leadership and desperation among the masses, we need to keep a positive attitude and concentrate on a better future by envisioning it and giving it new life.
        Lightworkers can do this. We can show others how to do this. Tom T. Moore's philosophy of "requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes" is an excellent example of how we can manifest the kind of world we want.
        Some people refuse to look at world events and prefer to be ostriches. In my opinion, they are no more helpful toward fixing the problems than those who are obsessed with the negative and feed the flames of fear. We all need to have situational awareness, to see all sides, to understand what is really going on … and to listen to your Guidance. Send out Love and Light to those whose hearts have darkened. The power of Love is, after all, stronger than evil.
        Compassion is a word now used by people with a political agenda, particularly with the controversy of importing refugees from war-torn countries.
        Be very careful with this one. There is risk in opening the floodgates to everyone and then ending up with a few bad apples that can devastate a welcoming country's safety and security of its citizens.
        Compassion for others also includes compassion for ourselves and those who come after us. Let's not be naïve here and mistake political tactics that create weapons to relieve us of our rights and our freedoms with our hearts' desire to help others less fortunate.
        We can apply a better kind of compassion by providing safe havens overseas for refugees, where they can receive our aid, including food, medical care and protection from persecution and death. We have the capacity to love and help others without sacrificing our own God-given rights.
My advice to other lightworkers is this: Keep a positive attitude. Even though doom looks imminent, we know in our hearts that we came here with a purpose, which is to bring Light to a dark world. Keep your spirits up and don't let the news and fear get to you. Shine your Light with your laughter and love , especially in these days that we express gratitude, celebrate Christ's birth and His gift of Love to Planet Earth -- and for all peoples.
        The New Year is ahead … and we can make it the start of Earth's Golden Age.

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