Extraterrestrials and the US Army

A letter from the READER'S FORUM in the October 2015 issue

Dear Ann,
        I have not written a personal letter to you in a long time. Well, do I have a story to tell you. It is not only a story, it is true.
        To begin telling it to you, I feel that I have to ask you a basic question. Have you read Colonel Philip Corso's (deceased*) book called The Day After Roswell? If you have not, I suggest to you that you should read it.
        If you have read it, then you know two things: One is the Army's involvement with ETs, and the second is that Mr. Corso is telling you his life's story, which includes his career in the US Army.
        I read it and that is how and why I know. Now, I can go back to the time in 1963, when I joined the Army, and why. This part includes the things which the Army would do for me, for joining up. I did not know of the Army's involvement with ETs (100 percent) at that time. Nor was I aware of the many benefits of being a veteran when I got out (in 1966). By the way, for the most part, the Army did for me what I asked them to do. Also, I joined because I felt I had to, or I would have been drafted.
        To make a long story short, in March of 1966, when I had four months left to serve, it was unknown to me (and all living things on this planet) that the Army immediately activated a device which they had created from ET (alien) technology, which could control (all) life. It has done so now for 50 years.
        However, the Army had realized -- before they activated it -- that it was not going to be doing what the Army designed it to do, indefinitely. It had to be shut down first, then shut off, then killed.
        Fortunately for we humans on this planet, the Army's first and foremost mission is to kill, and also therefore, they are experts at doing that. So, for them to eliminate the Frankenstein monster (for lack of a better term) which they had created, and then realized was a mistake, would be not a problem.
        That, Ann, is where we are now. Very, very close to being done.
                                                Robert Ede
                                                Tracy, California
* Philip Corso died in 1998.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I did read Colonel Corso's book, and it is most certainly packed with important and intriguing information. The Star Beacon ran a book review on it titled "Operation Majestic-12," written by James Parsons in April 1999. Thank you, Robert, we honor you for serving our country, and thank you for all you’ve done.

Wondering ...

Dear Ann,
        Thank you for another most interesting new Star Beacon. I liked the intriguing article on living in a spiritual and 3D world simultaneously.
I also loved Sanni's magnificent Eagles -- and her words of uncommon common-sense wisdom: "New Agers wanting a cure now for problems that can be solved through nations ending wars and fighting poverty and hunger instead of each other." (Thanks, Sanni).
        Is it not most strange that we so-called intelligent humans cannot see this obvious truth and accomplish such a relatively simple task?
I also agree with the point that we should not condemn demonic demons, if they are not figments of our imagination or a mental illness, but indeed just another creation of the God Energy, who just like us, probably have free will to do positive or negative things. Besides that, I have not heard of any demon or demons who have killed millions upon millions in utterly senseless wars, or behave as barbaric as the current brain-dead ISIS "holy" warriors do in the name of their brand of god.
        I also wonder, why it is that Maitreya, and so many (if not all) real holy and wise men and women, throughout the ages, could not and cannot overcome or alter negative human behavior in any significant way.
                                                Hartmut Jager

Please help the Romaneks

Ann and Company,
        This is Star Beacon subscriber John Harrison (and hopeful future contributor, based on all of the bizarre phenomena that has occurred in my life -- including what it feels like to pass through walls and the ceiling of my bedroom while smelling my attic on the way out!) By the way, Stranded on Earth was phenomenal and I can relate, but to a lesser degree.
        Anyway, is there any chance you can help out Stan and Lisa Romanek? They are fighting a legal battle designed to ruin them, so I started a Kickstarter campaign at  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1729450026/convert-stan-romaneks-book-messages-to-audio on their behalf, to convert Stan's book Messages to audio, with the hope that the audio sales will provide them with a badly needed revenue stream until they prevail in their legal battle and can get back on their feet. (By the way, the detective who is attempting to frame Stan on false charges has now been charged with a felony!)
        The Kickstarter campaign expires this Sunday and the trajectory of pledges doesn't look favorable at this time, due to the "powers that be" who have successfully driven away Stan and Lisa's supporters with reprehensible tactics, so I am now personally reaching out to all of my UFO/ET friends and acquaintances who may want to help them.
        Any pledge would be helpful, but my real hope is that you can forward this email to your circle of friends, supporters, subscribers, etc., and anyone else who may want to help Stan and Lisa overcome the nearly insurmountable obstacles that have been placed all around them by those who we cannot let win. Please help this campaign be a success on behalf of Stan and Lisa and everyone else who will eventually benefit. Thank you!
                                                John Harrison
                                                Derwood, Maryland

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can learn more about Stan and Lisa Romanek and their phenomenal UFO experiences at http://stanromanek.com.


The public needs to know

        Thank you very much for The Star Beacon. It is the first time I have seen your publication. It is so important for the public to learn of the Global Elite's plan to control all governments by force and to know that the Forces of Materialism (called Evil by the Church) will eventually be defeated by the Forces of Light. Thank you.
                                                Marguerite dar Boggia

Let's not take it personally

Hey Ann!
        I understand how things have tapered off with The Star Beacon. We have shifted out of the UFO thing more to Disclosure, and The Photon Belt, and economic chaos, including Jade Helm.
        Have you heard about the Blue Avians? The resistance is winning and the Cabal is being defeated.
        The collateral accounts are about to be opened, and even though Jubilee might now be around The BEND, we are going to be forgiven our debts, I believe.
        So many people are going through early stages of ascension ... it is awesome and so strange!!! By the end of September, so much will change. For those who do not know this is all happening because the structure of 3D has to collapse before 5D can emerge, well ... they are very scared.
        This is the stuff I am covering in YouTube, and people are flocking to us.
        It all feels so bad and hopeless. I have been waiting 35 years for all of this to happen. All these crappy feelings we are feeling is our processing this off of the planet.
        We cannot take it personally. Last year I was so close to being homeless, I was trying to figure out what possessions I could let go of. It got so bad, I couldn’t eat and lost 30 pounds in three months.
        I think this is the kind of stuff people should know. The most important thing now is community. With your viewers ... can’t we build one? Or are you just burnt out?
                                                LOL, Linda Maupin


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