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Q:   Dear Sanni,
Can you please tell me if my daughter-in-law is planning something bad toward me? She will not send my "flash drive" to me, and I badly need it. I feel she is taking revenge against me because I do not have money to send to my son and her. She had her aunt and her sister write to me, demanding $1500, which they said I needed to send them now. But if I did that, I wouldn't have enough to live on. They do not listen to me. They must think I am wealthy, which I am
certainly not.



A: Dear W.S.H.,
         I don't sense that she's planning on causing you any harm. You shouldn't feel obligated to send her money, especially if they have the ability to work and earn their own income. If I was you, I'd ignore any schemes they might try to make you give them money.
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni

Q:   Dear Commander,
I suspect that I recently had a visit from Neron, my special one (bond mate) as I was going out of the chapel to a class at church yesterday at 2 PM. I am wondering if it is true.
                                                              Name Withheld

A: Dear Friend,
         Never doubt the reality or the existence of your guides and angels, and other significant entities in your life, as they are there to protect and watch over you. When you start to doubt these things, you begin to doubt your own self, and it hinders your evolution.
                                                               Love, Commander San


Q: Dear Commander,
         I have a request. I need help to find my living son's father. I want to get in touch with him so that he won't feel that he has been abandoned. Maybe this will help him know that he has not been forgotten. All I need is the first and last name, and hopefully a cell number that I can call. I truly hope you can help with these things. Thank you, Sanni.
                                                               From Miranda

A: Dear Miranda,
         I'm unable to give you this information. I am blocked from giving it, but it will be revealed to you when he is ready to reconcile with his father, as there are many things going on.
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni


Q:   Dear Commander,
Do your guides have anything to say about the horrible atrocities happening in the world, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, where radial religious fanatics slaughter people who don't believe the same as they?
                                                              Name Withheld

A: Dear Friend,
         There shouldn't be killing of other people simply due to their beliefs. That's wrong. These people who kill in the name of their God are wrong. God is loving, a God of peace, and people need to look beyond their differences and accept and help one another. After all, we all depend on each other to protect the future of humanity. Radicals that kill others will have karma and have to answer under the same Creator who made everyone. Manmade laws created these atrocities, not Creator!
                                                               Love, Commander Sanni





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