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An article from the February 2016 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Epic Dreams of Late

        I don't know about you, but my dreams lately have been epic. It's to the point where I've been writing them down as soon as I wake up in the morning.
Since Anthony Raby wrote about his interview with a dreamer in this issue, I thought I'd share a few of my nocturnal dreams that I've had the opportunity to record.
        Most of my dreams are forgotten shortly after writing them down, so it is a good idea to keep paper and pen on your bedside table. Reading them weeks, even years later, is pretty enlightening.

        This first dream occurred before July 5, 2008:

        All I remember is answering the telephone and a man's voice said his name was Lou Louvre. I didn't know anyone by that name, so said, "Who?" He repeated his name and I realized it must be someone who had contacted me in the past about The Star Beacon. Anyway, Mr. Louvre said he wanted to interview me. He had some questions and asked if I would mind taking a few minutes to answer them. I said to go ahead.
        He asked me what The Star Beacon's mission statement was in so many words. Quite to my astonishment, I told him, without hesitation, "The Star Beacon's purpose is to bring forth love and light into the New Age." He asked me some other very spiritual questions, to which I responded without any hesitation at all. The words flowed from my heart and they made sense.

        Some very recent dreams involved politics, a subject I usually hesitate to discuss in this newsletter.
        I'll start with my most current "epic" dream, which I titled in my log, "Trump Takes Over Kipp." Here it is:

        In an earlier part of my dream, I was helping move some stuff with brother Jim into some kind of warehouse. Some of it included family heirlooms, and once in a while I'd see something familiar that I wanted, usually a trinket.
        I needed a part-time job, so I decided to go to Madison Kipp and introduce myself, thinking that my maiden name (Schumacher) would surely get me in because of my dad (who was well known at that company). But when I got there, presidential candidate Donald Trump had taken control of the company and was in the process of changing everything.
        The place was in CHAOS... utter chaos... people were just standing around, not knowing what to do, but getting paid. The whole factory had been renovated into a luxurious mansion, and the woman supervisor I was supposed to meet was humbled and a little scared of him.
        When I said I was "Ann Schumacher," people parted the way for me, but they were intimidated. I ran into Donald, surrounded by his trusted cronies, and someone mentioned my last name, and he kind of dodged away, not having anything to do with me.
        I was in the process of waiting to be told what to do, as I was obviously "in" with the company, but due to the chaos, it was a zoo! Then, finally, the energy changed in the whole factory. Donald Trump had retreated, given the company back to its original owners and managers. Everyone was greatly relieved! Apparently, he just couldn't handle the mess and gave up.
        Symbols that showed up in this dream were a pair of brown loafers, one shoe of which I was trying to find.

        Now let me share another dream, in contrast, this one dated Oct. 25, 2015:

        It was about presidential candidate Ben Carson. He asked a favor of me, but he was disguised when he came to talk to me, as a Wild West character with a fake reddish-brown mustache that was wider than his face, and he was surrounded by "protectors."
        He needed me to be present at some procedure he was doing soon, and he would summon me when it was time; all I had to do was be "on call."

        This next one occurred more than 10 years ago, on May 31, 2005, when I lived in Paonia, Colo.:

        I had a nightmare that awoke me. This dream had me in a house with a screen door that had trouble latching, like our front door. Ranger (my dog) was coming to look out the door with me when a large donkey creature appeared on the lawn and started running toward the house. It wanted to charge us and I panicked.
        I struggled to latch the door, but Ranger kept wanting to poke his nose out at the donkey. I pulled as hard as I could to shut the door. When the donkey's large snout came in, I screamed and woke up.

        I have more dreams to share and talk about from the past, but space limitations dictate that this is enough for now. You may have different interpretations, as I'm sure a psychiatrist would analyze it in his/her own way. As for me, the first two dreams were political in nature.
        Most of my readers already know that for many years I leaned liberal in my views, and just six years ago I went "from left to right," and now embrace conservative principles. Having been on that other side, I am able to see both sides, and I think that first dream about Trump reveals my ambiguity about just what side he is on. I believe my psyche is warning me to be aware of possible deception, and that it is important to be discerning in picking the right candidate to run against the establishment.
        A lot of people like what Donald Trump has to say because it reflects a frustration and a building anger in the people against leaders who have lied to us and sold us out in favor of their own gain. Yet, as I recall in 2008, the prevailing candidate used similar tactics and a "silvery tongue" with promises of "hope and change" that fooled the people, not once but twice … and look where it got us.
        I am not so sure that Trump, who may be completely genuine in his desire to "fix" the world, can be trusted; as in my dream, he might get elected and then become overwhelmed and quit.
        It's also interesting about the "brown loafers."

        In the second dream, about Ben Carson, I can’t figure out what the “disguise” is all about. I have always thought that Carson is the most compassionate, most intelligent and wisest Republican candidate and would make a fantastic president. I have frowned at those people who declare, "I won’t make the same mistake as before…" (referring to race).
        The reference in the dream to the "Wild West" and the fake red mustache wider than his face has me stumped. Yet I have kept Carson as my "old faithful" candidate, in case all else fails.
        The "procedure" might refer to the fact that he is/was a neurosurgeon and will implement a medical procedure symbolically to heal our country.
        Now on to the donkey dream ...

        Since this dream occurred more than 10 years ago, it is important to remember that I leaned Democratic at that time. The donkey, of course, is a symbol of the Democratic party. I certainly do not mean to disavow those of my readers who are more liberal-minded (remember, I was there once), but I believe that dream was planting a seed about the donkey intruding on my belief system. Ranger, my "protector," was fighting to keep that from happening.
        My point is this. In recording your dreams, they might be clear to you right away, but as you look back one day on your Dream Log, you can gain some significant insights.
        Stay tuned for more to come!

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