Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

by Commander Sanni Ceto
© 2010 (all rights reserved)

An article from the NOVEMBER 2010 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Dear Sanni,
What is my purpose here? I really don't know who I am even. I know this must sound strange, but it is very true. I feel as though I am surrounded by guides and angels. They have never contacted me or anything like that, but I feel their presence. I have been helped in a lot of ways by angels. I consider myself a spiritual individual and not a religious one.
                                                                       Thank you, Annie J.

A: Dear Annie,
         Your guides and angels are helping you to grow in your spiritual path and they're always there with you as you go. When you vibrate at their level of evolution, you will begin to see them and your missions will be shown to you, plus you will learn who you are when the blinders of conditioning are removed.
                                                                      Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Sanni,
       Here in southwest Ohio lies The Great Serpent Mound. There is ever more interest in the mound, with more and more visitors and gatherings for ceremony such as at equinoxes, solstices and eclipses. Some are thinking and proposing that star beings will soon return to Serpent Mound and stay here for a while in order to assist people in the imminent transition/ ascension.
       Is this thinking correct? Who might these beings be? What preparations might be appropriate in advance of their arrival?
                                                                       Thank you, Bob Huth
                                                                            West Union, Ohio

A: Dear Bob,
         The Pleiadians and Lyrans are the ones who will be returning to this sacred site which has an ancient transmitter deep underneath it, which they placed there to help maintain and activate several grids of energy, as well as a portal. This is over the region that is linked to an interdimensional stargate.
         The energies must be raised to a very high frequency to help keep a love presence and help the portals continue to be operational. Minds must be un-conditioned into belief, and above all, no fear must emanate from those who are a part of their arrivals, who are mostly Pleiadians themselves but have closed their memories from knowing.

Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Sanni,
       Are the ships (UFOs) that have been appearing over major cities in October actually extraterrestrial craft, or is the shadow government staging these and setting us up for something not for Earth's benefit? How can we ever know the difference between the real ETs and the fakes?

A: Dear Jade,
         The secret (or shadow) government is staging these craft sightings, using advanced holograms projected to appear as UFOs, as a way of conditioning people into believing what they want the people to believe. This is connected to Project Blue Beam and is a part of the staging of a one-world religion on Earth.
         Real UFOs are solid and are not seen through holograms, plus real ETs will contact people en masse or singly, or in groups of those whom they want to contact and appear to. Plus a real UFO vibrates at high levels as do their advanced machines and humans who have implants and are in tune frequency wise, to vibrate at that level, enabling them to see past the ships' cloaking technology.
         Holograms are programmed to be visual to your Earth frequency, and the secret government is working with ETs who do not have your planet's best interest in mind. In your future real ETs will broadcast their presence when they feel that Earth as a global civilization is awakened enough and free of conditioning and war-like behavior and negativity.
         They do not make themselves known en masse to a planet that has shut their minds off to their true origins (as to life elsewhere). Once a civilization is free of this conditioning and free of the veils that blinds it into thinking that ETs are science fiction, will they then have a true open contact with ETs and your people as a whole.
         Also, true ETs vibrate at higher levels, although they have to disguise themselves while on Earth to do their work unhindered. A hologram is a tool to program, and once you can see beyond the images they are showing, you will be able to discern a true craft from a flat hologram image in your skies.

                                                                      Love, Commander Sanni

If you have a question for Commander Sanni Ceto, please e-mail it to and put "Ask ET" in the subject line. The Commander is happy to answer any and all questions.


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