Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

by Commander Sanni Ceto
© 2010 (all rights reserved)

An article from the JANUARY 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Dear Sanni,
       Were Grays really involved in the time warp experiment with Tesla et al in Philadelphia? How is it possible for the Tesla Coils to transport sailors in 1944 and make them suddenly find themselves in 1984? According to some reports some even had love affairs and children 40 years ahead of their time. I understand Einstein withdrew from the project, feeling that Earth scientists were not ready for time travel. 

A: Dear Patrick,
         Pleiadians worked with Grays to create this. The coils with their energies created a miniature time warp wormhole which transported the people who had volunteered to be involved in this experiment. The wormhole reversed the laws of your physics and speeded up the frequencies which in turn speeded up your concept of time. These scientists were part of a secret project, and Einstein felt Earth wasn't ready to do this.

                                                                                      Love, Commander Sanni


Q: Dear Sanni,
       In 2012 will there occur any close encounters? Is this year going to be very important to Earth? Will this year reveal the truth behind Aliens?

A: Dear Wagner,
         That year will be the start of more awareness and a preparation for future contact between Earth and ET civilizations. Only when the earth has evolved more than it is will there be any revelations about ETs to Earth's people. 2012 will usher in an awareness of ETs, but Earth isn't globally ready for any close encounters, due to its programming and brain washing. 2012 will be a time of inner and external changes to Earth and people will need to wake up and listen to the pleas of a dying planet as Earth is a living entity. Humanity will not learn fully about the ETs until they have evolved into a world of love to others and end all wars.

Love, Commander Sanni

If you have a question for Commander Sanni Ceto, please e-mail it to and put "Ask ET" in the subject line. The Commander is happy to answer any and all questions.


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