Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

by Commander Sanni Ceto
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the JANUARY 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Dear Sanni,
       My son, Evan, has had contact several times with an ET race that physically appears to be similar to the Grays but a little taller and their skin is brown. There are three triangular slits on the face where the mouth and nose would be on a human. He recently experienced being transported to their planet and felt he was living among them. They were friendly.
      He is wondering who they are and why do they contact him? I wonder if it is the same planet that I have visited -- Meropia -- the city is Leratas. I have a sister living there and had the experience of spending an entire month with her before returning back to Earth; although I awoke the next morning, I knew I was gone that long. I do not have a sister in this life on Earth. But I do there!
      The city he described sounds just like that of Leratas. My husband, son and I have had several contacts over the years together. I know my family has a history of contact. Now that our grandson, Aiden, was born Dec. 9, 2010 (Evan is the father), we are also curious if he will experience contact with them as well. Thank you, Sanni! 


A: Dear Carol,
         These ETs are a subspecies of the Zetis (my species), but aren't of the Kebbens. Rather they are related to the Cheridanians or golden-skinned Grays. Meropia is a planet in the Pleiades sector and is mostly inhabited by humans who created Earth humans eons ago, although a few Gray colonies do thrive on that planet. They are teachers to Evan, and they are the helpers for a future Earth.
         Leratas is a major portal-linked city to the Atlantean portal. This is directly linked to North America on your Earth. A month of being on Leratas would only be but a few hours in your Earth time. Your people are helping these brown-skinned relatives of the Cheridani people to prepare for a re-peopling of a future Earth after its final cleansing.
         The child Aiden is a starseed and will have contact with these Zetis and your own species who live on Meropia as your people are Meropian Pleiadians and your child will be a future caretaker to a new and better Earth. All your contacts were pre-ordained before you came to Earth as Terrans, as your energies and your spirits will link to others who are still dormant as to their true purpose and origins.

                                                                      Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Sanni,
       Thanks for the explanation about close encounters in 2012. Sorry about my Brazilian English. It was fully better than I expected. Some think that the aliens are evil, but I hope that they will lead us to peace and avoid us to destroy our planet. Why don't ETs tell us how to evolve with sustainability?
       One more question, please: What are those "triangle-shaped UFOs" that are appearing often nowadays? Are they military experiments from our governments or are they ETs protecting us? That is intriguing to me.
                                                                       Thank you very much,

A: Dear Wagner,
         There is good and bad in all species, although Reptoids are the more aggressive species who have tinkered with and messed up humans' DNA, to make them more war-like and uncaring toward their fellow man, as well as creating hybrids of these to create a hostile being that will be a warrior, and to continue the rulership for their Reptoid covert government operatives once they have left Earth. The triangles are mostly experimental craft and most were reverse-engineered from a few that were captured or were an exchange from a treaty between my species and the Pleiadians, who operated these craft.

If you have a question for Commander Sanni Ceto, please e-mail it to and put "Ask ET" in the subject line. The Commander is happy to answer any and all questions.


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