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An article from the August 2019 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

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This month I'm going to do something a little different. I've been typing old journal entries into the computer for posterity, and I came across some recorded events that had slipped my mind.

I thought you might like to read some UFO sightings I had in the late ’80s, which was a time in my personal life when changes were in play for me. I’ve edited these down to eliminate the mundane.

February 15, 1988

Saturday Jeff and I took Marty to Grand Mesa to cross-country ski for the better part of the day. It was so beautiful and the snow was lovely. On the way up to Grand Mesa, I spotted something outside the car window that I didn’t tell Jeff about.

It took me completely by surprise. All of a sudden there was this very bright round object in the sky above the trees. The sky was a beautiful clear shade of blue, and the object was just suspended there, a round globe that reflected lots of light and appeared very silverish.

It didn’t move as fast as an airplane, which was what I expected it to be, but it did appear to be moving away from us (east, I think). I remember it appeared to have some kind of haze or skirt around the bottom of it, so that the whole thing reminded me a little of a bubble-gum machine shape.

I finally decided I had to call it a UFO because I couldn’t say for sure it might be a plane or a glider. Such things don’t give off that much light, and it was close enough that had it been a plane, I surely would have been able to make out the definite shape with my new contact lenses.

Then, yesterday morning around 5:45, while Jeff was driving to Grand Junction from Delta, I was watching the stars outside my window when I caught a glimpse of something small and far away moving across the sky along the eastern horizon. It was just over Grand Mesa, and the object glided smoothly until I could no longer make it out. Another UFO?

Because today was President’s Day, and Jeff was not home to watch the boys, I had to take them to Paonia with me while I worked. We were driving home around 9:00 tonight when Ryan saw a lot of meteorites in the sky. Then he saw something startling—a cylindrical-shaped object with three or four lights beneath it, moving rather low in the sky toward the Grand Mesa.

He said it was dark, and about as far away as an airplane would be. There were no blinking lights, he said. He watched it for a few seconds, and then he couldn’t see it anymore. I think he said it disappeared. He said the lights under it were yellow and orange and yellow and red.

June 15, 1988

Monday night, coming home from work, I had a sighting as I turned off the highway onto one of the back roads in Delta. It was a beautiful, bright orange ball that glided across the sky. I turned off the road and watched it for a few seconds. It glided from the south to the southeast.

Then, when I started to pull back onto the road, I looked again and it had vanished. It had been a weird day for me at work. For some reason I was feeling on the verge of being a little depressed, yet something inside of me wouldn’t let me give in to it; almost like I could feel the presence of someone loving and close to me, telling me everything was all right, and to be strong.

On the way home from work, I was playing one of my tapes with music I sing to, and feeling real harmonious and happy. Seeing the UFO was a kind of verification for me. It filled me with a very peaceful feeling.

This next entry was written while we were at the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in Wyoming.

July 5, 1988

Friday night after dinner, we decided to drive up to the McGuire ranch instead of attend Ken Ring’s talk on "Prophetic Visions and Planetary Transformation," which sounded very interesting. But both Jackie (Blue) and I wanted to go to the ranch and experience its energy, which revitalized both of us. We wanted to go while it was still daylight so that we could look around and take pictures.

We stayed there until shortly after 10:00. It was windy and cold, and even with jackets and a wool blanket, we were still cold. The sky was clear and we watched a few meteorites, satellites, and one questionable UFO. I was the lucky one who saw it.

In the eastern sky I was focusing my binoculars on a bright star when I suddenly saw a smaller, orange object move sideways. It had been between the bright star and another one above it, and this orange object moved left, then upward and came to rest in a spot above the bright star. It remained there. We kept checking on it, but it never moved again.

Jeff thinks I am wrong, but I really did see it move. It’s unfortunate that I had to wear my glasses since my contacts were too dry and uncomfortable to wear that night. I see better with the contacts. Anyway, we didn’t see anything, but we did enjoy the peace and quiet and the wonderful energy that the ranch supplied us.

August 21, 1988

I saw two UFOs (at least to me they were UFOs ... could have had some explanation, who knows?) while we were driving through New Mexico. The first one was west of Ojo Caliente. It looked at first like an airplane, but as I watched it follow along the same path as our car, I kept staring at it and realized it had a boomerang shape and could easily be assumed as an airplane by somebody glancing up.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, it vanished. The time was 9:20 AM. Exactly two hours later, at 11:20 AM, I saw the second (and possibly a third) UFO. We were several miles north of Clines Corners and I watched a shiny disc out the front windshield, in the southern sky. It kept appearing next to the clouds and just seemed to be suspended there. I saw it once and then I saw it (or another one like it) just a couple of minutes later in the same vicinity. That is all that I saw.

What was going through my mind at that time were two different things: When I saw the UFO in Ojo Caliente, I was remembering D.D. (a friend) and her experiences in that town, and then suddenly I saw it. The one near Clines Corners was an unexpected sighting, and my immediate thought with that one was "someone is sending me a signal."

Then, in early January 1989, I wrote in my journal about a dream I had.

January 10, 1989

I think I figured out the meaning behind all the waitress dreams I’ve been having over the years. I had another very vivid dream where I was back at Big Boy in Michigan, waiting on tables. It’s always the same—I have more people to wait on than I can possibly handle, and then more people keep showing up and I have to clean up dirty dishes at the table where they sit down.

Then always ... in dream after dream ... I make no tips! No money at all! Yet I keep plugging away, taking their orders, hanging the orders up for the cooks, and going about, getting them their food.

I’m usually exhausted when I wake up from those dreams. Anyway, I feel that the dream is telling me that I am meant to serve humankind, to meet their critical needs when a time comes in our future when they may need it most, but that I must not expect to be rewarded for this.

In other words, I won’t be working for money. In other words, my doing The Star Beacon will never meet my financial needs.

This is something I had to come to realize. When I really think about it, there is something about those waitress dreams that I like. I kind of like the waiting on tables and at times I even miss doing that kind of work. I would never admit this, of course, except here in my journal.

Finally, here is a UFO sighting recorded on Thursday, February 23, 1989:

I haven’t kept up with my journal from lack of time. I hate what this does to me. I’m getting stressed out again. My back is hurting (left scapula) and I got a bad headache this afternoon. I’m sure it’s mostly because I haven’t been able to find a few minutes to exercise.

Anyway, details can wait for the next journal entry. I had an experience today while driving to Montrose this morning. Scotty and I were heading there to grocery shop. It was about 10:30 AM and a beautiful sunny day. Right away I noticed a magnificent cloud over one of the mountains south of Montrose. It was very definitely a saucer-shaped cloud. I’ll sketch it:

The thing was huge, like two saucers, one on top of the other, with a tail-like projection, which made me think of the USS Enterprise. I noticed it stayed over the mountain and didn’t move nor change formation at all, even though other smaller wisps of clouds moved, changed, appeared or dissolved.

Between Olathe and Montrose I began thinking that if it were a ship "in disguise," maybe I could attempt telepathic communication with it. I tried to send a message, something on this order:

"Hello, this is Kari (my "star" name). Why are you here? What do you want? Is there anything I can do to help? Please, if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know."

Well, within a few minutes I sighted three UFOs in the southwestern clear blue sky. First I saw a speck of reflected light, but it wasn’t an airplane. It blinked in, and just as suddenly, blinked out! A few seconds later, a second one did the same thing a short distance from where I had seen the first; then not much later I saw a third.

I suppose it could have been the first object, which was seen all three times, I just don’t know. I have no idea what it was I saw, but I do know I saw something and it was real — not a hallucination. It was not a plane or a jet. If it was a weather balloon, why didn’t I keep seeing it?

I believe it might have been a response to my attempt at communicating. A signal of some sort. I continued to watch the sky until we arrived at Montrose City Market, then Scott and I had to do the shopping. Buildings blocked the view of the mountain and its "saucer cloud," but at noon when we came out of the store and were headed back to Delta, I noticed it was gone. There was no trace of the cloud.

This probably has nothing to do with anything, but I feel like mentioning it. When we turned onto Pioneer Road on our way home, we were behind a black Bronco type car, which a man was driving rather slowly. He slowed as he came near our house. I noticed he was looking at our house. He pulled over to the side of the road across from our house.

I pulled into our driveway then and proceeded to get Scotty out and unload groceries. The man in the black car slowly pulled out of his stopping place and turned onto 13th Street, where he stopped again and looked at our house. I noticed he was drinking a soft drink from a paper cup, the kind like you get at Hardees’ or Taco Time. He didn’t stay long there either and was gone when I came out for the second load of groceries.

I wonder what kind of dreams I will have tonight. I’m really alert and don’t know if I can go to sleep, even though it’s five minutes before midnight. Jeff went to bed before ten.

Discovering these writings from 31+ years ago has been enlightening to me. There are events I had actually forgotten, brought back to memory by reading through these diaries. A lot of significant stuff happened to me in the late ’80s and early ’90s, a lot of which is recorded in my memoir, Throughout All Time. A lot of this has served to remind me of my purpose as emphasized by the aforementioned dream. n

Ann Ulrich Miller, Star Beacon publisher, started publishing this newsletter in April 1987.


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