Sheri's Sixth Sense

Ghosts, Spirits, Energy Imprints, Oh My!

from the June 2019  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould


My original article was published in the August 2018 issue of The Star Beacon, focusing on stories and experiences that I have had which took place here in Wyoming. In Part 2, I will be sharing some of my clairvoyant experiences with ghosts, spirits and energy imprints outside of Wyoming.

To understand a little better what energy imprints are, I would like to share first some of what I wrote in my original article — "In my many years as a clairvoyant, I’ve seen what I refer to as Energy Imprints. To me, energy imprints covers everything from deceased people or animals (ghosts), to angels, fairies, ascended beings (spirits), to people, buildings, animals, land, etc. that are from a past, present or future time or time line with their energies imprinted in this time line. This energy imprint definition is a work in progress. I'm not relying on Webster to tell me, but I am trying to fashion a definition that is inclusive of the varied experiences I've had."

Many times, the energy imprints of animals — mostly buffalo, elk or horses — will suddenly appear, especially when I’m driving at night. Once in a while, I see the energy imprints of tipis and Native Americans along the creeks.

I've also had experiences of my hand going through a wall or my foot going through the cement sidewalk — when you have an understanding that there is space between the protons and neutrons of atoms, these things can happen! I’ve also had an experience of suddenly finding myself transported to another time while working at my workplace! I found myself in an old prairie house, but modern enough to have one of those old wooden wall crank telephones. And just as quickly as I was transported "back" in time, I was back at my workplace with apparently no time loss. Here now are some of the most interesting experiences I’ve been honored to experience:


I've visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield numerous times — some with family, and other times with my dear friend, Monna. Monna and I were "tasked" with clearing and cleansing battlefield energies along the front range of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming and along the eastern part of the Crow Reservation (which includes the Little Bighorn Battlefield) in Montana. (See my April 2018 article — "Battlefield Energies" from The Star Beacon on the work that Monna and I did at Fort Phil Kearny, the Fetterman site and Wagon Box site, in Wyoming.)

Nearly 400,000 tourists visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (which is on the Crow Indian Reservation) each year, where George Armstrong Custer and his soldiers met their fate. Near the battlefield resides the Custer National Cemetery, where 5,000 soldiers and their family members are interred. The Crow people called the first caretaker, in 1894 (18 years after the battle), who lowered the flag at dusk, "ghost herder," because the Crow believed it allowed the spirits to rise from their graves and walk amongst the living. And when the flag was raised in the morning, the dead came back to rest.

There are many "ghost" stories which can be found online, but one story which was told to me by Crow Park Ranger Mardell Plainfeather, Plains Indian Historian (when it was called Custer Battlefield), I found comical. She was sharing that sometimes, when guests were watching the orientation video about the Little Bighorn Battle downstairs at the Visitor's Center, she could "see" soldiers and Native Americans sitting in the empty chairs also watching the film!

My personal story relating to the Bighorn Battlefield happened when I was driving back to Wyoming from Billings, Montana after a day of school-clothes shopping with my children, who were sound asleep in the back seat. As I was headed south on I-90, past Crow Agency and Bighorn Battlefield, I saw a Native American with only a loin-cloth and a feather in his hair, running across the north-bound lanes of the interstate.

So, I'm thinking — do I speed up or slow down, so I won’t hit the guy as he’s running across the road. I decided to slow down, and as he ran into the median, he just disappeared!


My husband and I lived in the small Colorado town of Dolores, at 7,000 ft. in the San Juan Mountains, with the Dolores River running through town, and Mesa Verde about 18 miles south. Lizard Head Pass, on the way to Telluride from Dolores, was a "UFO" hot-bed of activity. (Photos my friend had taken of craft near Lizard Head mysteriously disappeared, and when he asked if he could get copies of the photos that he had given me, well, my photos had also disappeared.)

I attended a seminar on Energy Healing, which was held in a private home. The house was "L" shaped, and I was sitting on the couch next to the property owner. All of a sudden, I "saw" a man walking through the wall. I asked the owner who the "ghost" was, which freaked her out! After she calmed down, I asked why he was walking through the wall, and she told me that she and her husband were remodeling the house, and that used to be the hallway.

She shared happenings in the house which she couldn't explain — she would hear the water running in the bathroom, pictures on the wall were constantly crooked, and she would hear a doorbell ringing at night (they didn't have a doorbell). So, since the group there was all about energy healing, we were able to find out that it was the previous owner I saw, who died in the middle of his remodel. We told him he could go to the Light, but he did not leave and stayed in the house until the new owners put in a doorbell, and then they never heard the strange happenings again.

Another time, our psychic group, based out of Cortez, decided to go to the Hovenweep Kiva on the Fall Equinox — a very important time for Native Americans. My husband drove me there as it’s about an hour drive and it would be dark. Our group entered the kiva, but my hubby decided to stay topside (he's not into woo-woo). Our group "saw" an ancient ceremony take place, and I was "given" a ball of light (which I now know represents the balls of light shown over me when I was 8 years old — [see my article: Generational Encounter Contact in the April 2019 The Star Beacon]). So, when we came out of the kiva, my husband (who was alone in the dark) was "freaking out," telling me that he could hear drums! He was hearing the ancient ancestral water drums! To this day, whenever this experience is mentioned, he gets those goose-bumps big time!


My husband and I visited "Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump" near Fort MacLeod, Alberta, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home of the museum of the Blackfoot culture. This buffalo jump was used for 5,500 years by the indigenous cultures to drive the buffalo off a 36-foot high cliff. The feelings there were quite intense. As I was looking toward a mesa, I could "see" numerous tipis across the mesa, and then the vision was gone. I had a chance to speak to a Kainai Nations Blood Tribe Blackfoot elder at the site about my vision, and he confirmed that there was archaeological evidence of tipi rings and pottery from thousands of years ago.


In the late '60s, I worked at the Army Post Exchange at Fort Leavenworth. One day, when I went to the Post Greenhouse, the sergeant that was in charge of the prisoners that worked there from the Military Prison shared about strange things that were happening in his apartment connected to the greenhouse. He talked of water running and cups constantly tipping over, and his cat was spooked all the time, with its hair standing straight out.

After doing some "psychic" work, I found out that a Warrant Officer, who was called Mr. Mac, who had lived in that apartment previously, had been killed by prisoners at that greenhouse. Maybe six months later, I got confirmation on my information. A new girl started working at the PX, her last name was MacClellan, and she happened to tell me that her Uncle Mac was killed by prisoners there at Fort Leavenworth.

One time, at my parents' home at Fort Leavenworth, my mom and I were home alone, and we heard footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement. We were both in fear mode at that point, because no one else was home. My mom and I were by the couch, and I "saw" an energy form make its way to the TV and get energized and then walk right in front of us. I immediately started asking for protection for both of us within the White Christ Light of Protection, and it disappeared. I learned an important visual lesson that day — that fear energizes negativity —and how important it is to always ask for protection from Source/God/Higher Beings.


In the early '70s, I worked as a civilian for the military Post Exchange at the 8th US Army Command, Yongsan Compound, in Seoul. I had been asked by an officer, who was a Rhodes Scholar, to check the Officers’ Billets, because he said the BOQ was haunted. I saw the "ghost" of a Japanese soldier roaming the halls, and followed him to a room where he sat down in front of a window, waiting for his fellow soldiers to get him. I sent this soldier to the Light, but don’t know if he left, or he is still waiting for his fellow soldiers.


Some months ago, my husband and I attended a meeting in Lead, at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center, which is right next to the 2,000-acre Homestake Mine, and by the year 1900, employed 2,000 people. As the meeting was going on, I suddenly "saw" a miner, dressed in work clothes and wearing a flat type of hat on his head, walk right past the club president up in front of the meeting, and then he disappeared. I was excited to see him and described him to my hubby.

When the meeting was over, you have to go through the gift area to go outside, and there, over the gift store counter, was a huge black and white photo of many of the miners (which I did not see on the way in), and there was a miner wearing the same type of hat I’d seen the "ghostly" miner wear!

Deadwood, known as the town where "Wild Bill" Hickok was shot, was established in 1876 during the Black Hills gold rush. In present day, Deadwood's main source of revenue is casinos and gambling. There are many stories of the "ghosts" of Deadwood, but I will be sharing a story about "Wild Bill" Hickok — not as a "ghost," but as a case of reincarnation instead.

I met this person who was working at one of the Deadwood casinos and I "saw" him as the real "Wild Bill" Hickok, and I was guided to share my vision with this man. He appreciated my sharing and told me that he had grown up in New Jersey, but he had such a yearning to come out West, that he came out on vacation and ended up in Deadwood.

He shared that he immediately recognized landscape and buildings, and said he knew that he was BACK home, and started remembering many things of his life as "Wild Bill" Hickok. This kind, gentle, caring man works at a casino and is the spitting image of the photos you see of "Wild Bill" Hickok. Whenever my husband and I see him, we call him "Wild Bill" and he just smiles, because he knows that WE know!


One time when I went back to the D.C. area to visit my parents, we went to a restaurant — the Laurel Brigade Inn, in Leesburg, Va. — an old Revolutionary War town. The original building and property was owned by a barrister (lawyer) — John Thornton, in 1781. His business was doing so well that he then built on a pub and eventually an eatery.

In present day, not much had changed in the restaurant except for new wiring and electricity when we ate there. The restaurant served Virginia style meals — food placed in bowls in the middle of the table for all to share. So, while we were having our dinner, all of a sudden, I "saw" two soldiers walking right through the restaurant, right through some of the dining tables! They seemed very tall because of the tall silver helmets they wore, along with their rifles with bayonets on their side, wearing long red coats.

My dad, a military historian, then told me they were Hessian soldiers that I saw, who served with the British Army during the Revolutionary War! When we finished our dinner, I talked with the owner and asked if she knew she had "ghosts" walking through her restaurant. She said she had never seen them, but she "feels" them when they are close by.

At a later date, my mother, who was having a luncheon at Mount Vernon, happened to see a book of drawings of soldiers, and she saw the exact same description of what I had seen. In 2004, the Laurel Brigade Inn changed into law offices. I wonder if any of the lawyers or staff have had run-ins with those "ghosts" of the Revolutionary War.

Thank you for letting me share my stories with you!

Copyright © 2019 Sheri Gould

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Please let us know if you enjoy reading her articles. She would love some feedback!



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