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An article from the February 2020 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

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Why does it seem we are always on the verge of a crisis?  The pendulum of life swings one way, then the other -- and rarely pauses in the middle so that we can "ride the calm" once again..

Looking back on all the years I’ve put out this newsletter (since 1987), there have been predictions of doom, promises of the arrival of starships and benevolent ETs to help us through the "end times." There was a doomsday book titled 5-5-2000 by some guy named Noone (as in "no one"? hmmm...), and there was Y2K at the end of 1999, when the world waited anxiously before midnight on December 31, to see if moving into the new millennium would crash everyone’s computer systems.

Being a news addict, I confess that watching national news on TV has been detrimental to my mental and emotional health lately. I suppose it would be another thing if we could trust the so-called "news" that we are fed (as it is rammed down our throats), but I’ve come to realize that most of it is intended propaganda to control our minds and our emotions and our reactions to people and the world around us.

For instance, I’ve become a bit paranoid and resist traveling outside the Western Slope of my state. I read about so much crime and murder in Denver, for example, and actually have not been to my state’s capital since 2013 (when I had to drive to Denver International Airport to fly home for a funeral). My brothers and sisters travel on vacation a lot, even overseas, but I admit, I am afraid to leave the comfort of my safe little community here in western Colorado.

Others don’t appear to be bothered by the fact that we live in a dangerous world, and it appears to be a lot more scary than it was 20 or 30 years ago. My late husband was in the occasional habit of picking up a hitchhiker now and then. He wasn’t afraid of helping someone in need. Nowadays, people think twice about it, due to all the coverage of sabotage by deranged people in this world.

What has happened to the sanity of our society? The other day I was by myself in the local Wal-Mart, picking up a few items I needed, and a woman pushing a cart stopped beside me and said, "Today is National Hug Day," and she smiled at me.

Without a flicker of fear, I smiled back and reached over to hug her. She had been going around the store, offering hugs to everyone she saw. She told me more people offered hugs than not. It momentarily restored my faith in humanity.

I miss the days when we had lightworker meetings and everyone hugged before they left. We filled the room with such wonderful, positive energy. I think back and realize that I had no fear then. There might have been a questionable person showing up at meetings now and then, but no one was afraid or too worried about it. I’m sure that if that stranger had any darkness in his/her soul, it was certainly diminished just for being in a group of enlightened people with only good intentions.

What am I trying to convey here? I’ll get to the point. It disturbs me greatly that in our world we focus so much on events and people that we believe "run our lives," specifically politicians and news media (most of which is fake and propagandized). It really tends to knock down any of the good things I’ve experienced in my daily life, provoking feelings of insecurity, doom and gloom. But what disturbs me more is the anger that it conjures up in people around me. Anger is a destructive emotion not only for a person’s psyche but for their physical health and especially their relationships to those around them. Who wants to be around somebody who rants and raves every hour of the day about things we can do little about?

The unfairness in the world is poking its ugly head up right now, but the good thing is ... everyone is being allowed to see it and make up their own minds. That is, if they haven’t been destroyed yet by lies, deceit and obvious shenanigans portrayed by people who want to control us and will stop at nothing to gain power over us for their own benefit.

We can defeat this, even though it looks hopeless at times. Be brave, hold to your convictions and pray for the highest good of all. As for me, I’m planning my trip next summer to Wisconsin, hoping to burst this bubble of paranoia. n

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