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Penal Colonies
        A friend of mine wanted to know about how penal colonies work for Earth humans. In other words, what do the penal colonies do to Earth humans on those distant planets?
        Penal colonies on distant planets are much like prisons on Earth, where people are sent who have committed crimes. And, the same as on other worlds, some colonies' inmates work off their sentences via a "release" thing, like some type of community service, where an inmate goes back to their cell after the day is done, and the time spent doing the community service is added as quality points toward their sentence being reduced.
        The crimes of murder, however, are punished differently. There is a trial by way of jury, but no long drawn-out appeals process such as on Earth, and death is carried out by way of quick means, usually by laser.

The significance of a delta wing
        Someone asked me why they have a "delta wing" craft on the upper lower part of their left wrist. The mark was nearly one inch from this woman's hand. She wanted me to tell her if there is some significance for this.
        Her "delta wing" is there as a remembrance of a past life, when she was a pilot of such a craft. In her past life, eons ago, it turns out that she and I were sisters. She was from the Pleiades, and I was from Jadui. We had been sent to help when Earth was a laboratory. We were scientists. She worked with botany and plants while I worked with animals and invertebrates, helping to seed a barren world with life. We did this along with other scientists, much as a barren world will be terra-formed in the future, if humans get to other suitable worlds to colonize them.

What to focus on now
        The most important thing for all of you to focus on right now is protecting the resources and biospheres of the earth. Finding more ways to save the oceans and dwindling forests, by making the earth more liveable. Treat the planet as a living being.
        Another thing you can do is realize that animals have souls, and that respecting life means ending factory farming and living a more organic lifestyle. It is important to practice recycling instead of trashing what you don't need anymore.
        Another thing you can do is see others as your equals and learn to live with one another instead of killing each other, as greed and hate separate all, as well as wars.
        Sanni Ceto is the author of Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor and Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World. She lives in western Colorado.


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