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The Holidays
       On my home world, there are no holidays as you observe on Earth. Holidays on Earth are for generating revenue from commercial spending on material items, and also to show their symbolism to the Creator Essence's presence.
       Santa and reindeer and jingle bells are manmade creations that arose from ancient Norse traditions that celebrated Winter Solstice, and have pagan origins. These do not exist on my home world, nor on the Pleiades sector of worlds.
       The cutting down and putting up of trees is also a pagan ritual that originated in Norse and Germanic cultures (and Celtics as well), and don't occur on other worlds.
       But what does occur is a universal connection to a Creator Essence that unites all as One entirely through the soul or spirit.
       Also on other worlds, the Thanksgiving holiday is not observed like it is on Earth. It is more of a cosmic unity of people, and would be associated with the harvest festivals, the collection of crops and sharing among each other -- a sacrifice to the ancient gods for a successful harvest.
       On other worlds, especially in the Pleiades (whose people are cousins to humans), the Energy or Creator Force is celebrated in an exchange of energies among people. There are no gifts as you have on Earth. Instead, it is a gift of an energy level and an exchange of the essence, or life force, or plasma that created the Pleiadians, and is therefore exchanged as a way to observe their existence and connections to this Creator Force.
       Christmas on Earth is the celebration of the Lord's birthday, and gifts are exchanged as the Wise Men and others brought him gifts.

       Sanni Emyetti Ceto is the author of Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor and Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World. She lives in western Colorado. and works to bring awareness to people about autism.


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