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Cloning centers and the 'lake of fire'

Q: Lately some people in the entertainment industry have been coming out about cloning centers. I know that Hollywood plays a major role in deceiving the world and that many celebrities are a part of the Illuminati agenda and are for the new world order. My question is why do celebrities get cloned? What is the purpose for doing that?

A: When someone is cloned, a copy is created, but the copy lacks a soul. A clone is created to protect the original, almost like it’s copyrighted; a clone serves as protection for the subject. A clone can be used to deceive people into thinking a person was killed, when it was actually a clone, and the original person goes into hiding, undetected.

Q: In the book of Revelations in the Bible, it talks about the lake of fire. Is that a realm where all the deceivers of this world will go at the end of their lives, to be tormented for all eternity?

A: The lake of fire is in two dimensions. One is on Earth and means volcanism and the earth is covered in lava, due to a giant series of eruptions. It is also a symbol of hell on earth that is manmade, by destruction of all living things from overpopulation, greed and the need to expand until the earth has no room nor resources left. The fire, in this sense, would be the hatred, oppression and control over others who have
little or nothing. The other realm is on an etheric level and is a place of punishment.
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