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Q: Lately I've been having many dreams about reptoids and they are definitely not the good kind. Also, if I don't actually see the reptoids in their true forms, they show up through other ways and there is usually extreme demonic activity that occurs.
        Why do you think I have been having these dreams? Is it because of my ET connections and they don't like me knowing the truth about life?
        What do they want to achieve by coming to me in my dreams? What is their purpose? And how are they able to find me and come to me in dreams in the first place?

A: First of all, they are testing you as to your loyalty to the positive or good side, by coming to you through dreams. They come to you through an implant. They are trying to stop you from evolving by your work on other levels of reality (etheric).
        They are testing your courage to be among the Light by showing themselves to you -- a battle of your will of positive versus negative forces.
        They try to deceive and prevent the truth from being exposed as to their agenda concerning Earth and its past and present and future evolution.

Q: Does part of the reptoid agenda involve taking people's souls so the reptoids could own the souls for themselves? I had a recent dream which was very intense and there were several reptoids and they seemed to be after my soul.
        Why are they after people's souls? What is the purpose? Is it so they can have total control over the person and therefore torment and torture them all they want?

A: The Dracos -- or Orion lizards -- are behind this, and yes, they want to gain control of a soul because it is by the soul that they can manipulate the DNA and implant the essences of lizard DNA to further control someone.
        These lizards have a dark soul, and by stealing people's souls, it enhances their own energies and builds up their own souls’ strength.
        Sanni Ceto is the best-selling author of two books: Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor and Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World  (about space people and their customs). Visit or go to Also available as eBooks.
        She is an advocate for Autism in Colorado. If you have a question for Commander Sanni, you may send it to, and put “Ask Sanni” in the subject line.


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