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Q:   Dear Commander,

         When I was younger, my sister and I witnessed a UFO that hovered over our heads for several minutes, then disappeared. I have read about this happening and then people losing time, not remembering what happened during that time they missed. I remember my mom asking where we’d been, but we couldn't give her a good answer. Were we abducted for a while and then returned?

        When I asked a psychic about all this, she told me that I am a starseed from a planet far from here, sent to help with the awakening. Is this true?

        She couldn't tell me where I came from, yet I believe what she says. She could only tell me that we did witness the UFO that day and that we had a "visitor" come to our room one night to check on us. We remembered that, because we screamed at whatever that was in our room! It disappeared as soon as my dad came into the room.

        Do you know where I came from, and do I have some sort of mission here? I feel like I should know some things, but I'm being "blocked," like my mind just won't open to the answers I seek.

        I really appreciate whatever you might be able to provide so I can finally stop dwelling on this! I only just found this (Earth Star) Website and have been reading all your responses to questions, so I was curious as to what I might learn. I'm looking forward to the day you all can be here safely and the world is an enlightened, peaceful place.

                      Peace to you, Karyn

A: Dear Karyn,

         You were there to see that craft, as they felt the time was right for you to slowly wake up to experience the craft and entities. Yes, your soul is not of this world, but from far away, and when they feel that you have no fear or anything like that, they will allow you to gradually remember your missing time.

                                                               Love, Commander Sanni

Q:   Dear Commander,

         I would like to know how I can contact my star family. I have a bad attention span and whenever I try to meditate, I get scared that something might happen; this feeling won't leave me.

         Do you know how I can improve my chances to see my star family?

         Also, I would like to state that every 4th of July, people do not know how it hurts for you to see them celebrating.

         They are just happy that they know ETs exist. We aren't used to things like this; humans are brought up the wrong way as children and there is not much we can do about it now in the year 2013.

.                                                             Anna                                

A: Dear Anna,

        First of all, no ETs are going to hover or land just because someone demands to see them to verify proof. Proof starts within your soul and is a memory of your origins long before you came to Earth. But over the course of humanity, they were taught to disbelieve in things that are beyond their perception or basis in reality.

       The proof for belief in ETs isn’t seen with your eyes to verify it, but is within your soul as your cellular memories are like a biological Akashic Record and have memories of your off planet origins.

       To demand any ETs to hover over you for proof is foolish and childish. ETs will not do this until you are ready and open and no longer skeptical of their reality.

       To contact your star family, first start with getting rid of your programming that Earth is unique in having life, and learn to understand that there are far more worlds like Earth that also have life. Also, unlearn your programming about what science has taught you about other worlds and other realities, and that way you will start to remember.

                                                               Love, Commander Sanni

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