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        Q:  When we see an image of a moon in the night sky, are we really looking at a holographic projection of a moon? Also, since the moon is really a satellite, what is its purpose? What are its functions?

       A:  When you see the moon, you are seeing the actual moon, which is a satellite. Its purpose is to serve as an observatory platform for visitors and it is a way stop for rest on the interstellar seas.

         Q:  Previously you said that it would take a long time to colonize Mars and make it suitable for humans. I am wondering if there are underground bases at Mars? There is someone by the name of Corey Goode, who claimed he went to Mars and the military abducted him as a kid and recruited him where he worked in underground bases at Mars with other humans. Is that true? Are there really underground bases at Mars where humans operate?

        A:  For humans to live on the surface, it would take a longer time as it would have to be terra-formed. An environment would have to be established through geoengineering. The top portion is harder to colonize than underground, and those were done eons ago, before any other work.


        Q:  Is it true that some of the blonde Nordics went along with the reptoids and are a part of everything that is happening on this planet?

        A:  Yes, that is true.


       Q:  Remember when I told you that because of my electromagnetic energy I have sparks coming from my fingertips, with a lot of other energy seen? Well, it is also on my toes and heels, now on my feet. It can only be seen when it is dark out and no lights are on. My electroenergy is getting real strong now and it is so strong that the clock in my bedroom has not needed to have the battery changed for a long time. What are your thoughts on this?

        A:  The energy you have is due to increased changes within your aura and electromagnetic fields of the earth interacting with three atomic and chemical ions within each and every cell of your being. Yes, you were Electra for a reason, due to your energy that helped light the way, like a torch within the darkness.

        Q:  Last night, when I was looking for more information on a book I am writing, I felt someone hug me, and it was Commander Neron. He is starting to get stronger now when he contacts me, and I think that is pretty cool.

I found some information from the part you told me a few years ago about my bond mate, whose name was Havron. While out doing his mission as a spaceship pilot, he died when his ship was caught in crossfire between energy ships and his own. He was about 600 years old then.

As far as my present bond mate, Commander Neron, goes, I would like to know what is his last name?

        A:   Most star people don’t have any need for last names, like on unevolved worlds like Earth.

        If you would like to ask Commander Sanni some questions about space and space beings, please direct your questions to

        Sanni Ceto is the author of Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Survivor ($16), and its sequel, Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World ($12), both available from or from Earth Star Publications, P.O. Box 267, Eckert CO 81418.
        She advocates for autism and lives a quiet life in an undisclosed town in the Rocky Mountain West.


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