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        Q:  When people sleep and
experience things with ETs, how are ETs able to disguise the situation, setting, and themselves so quickly?

       A:  They alter the physical reality by using holograms and blocking memories of the person undergoing the experiences in order to protect their sanity.


         Q:  Do all races of ETs do genetic studies on
humans or just the insectoids and if only them, why?

        A:  Not all races do this research, mostly insectoids. Other races, however, monitor and study plant and animal life and the effects humans are causing to the world overall. They are observers, seeing what things are being done to Earth, which is a laboratory or test world which was created by scientists in order to test and develop new idea forms and to study their evolution.


        Q:  Is it true that some of the blonde Nordics went along with the reptoids and are a part of everything that is happening on this planet?

        A:  Yes, that is true.


       Q:  How does doing a genetic study on a person benefit and help the ETs?

        A: It helps them to understand how a species evolves as to their good or bad qualities, and how their evolution affects everything in their environment as well as how their intelligence and other comprehension affects other life forms.

        Q:  What is the difference between a hybrid such as an insect or lizard hybrid who cannot live on Earth, and a regular 100 percent ET?

How does the hybrid’s mixed DNA that consists of human DNA play a role in the hybrid’s life?

How is the human DNA activated and incorporated into their life?

I found some information from the part you told me a few years ago about my bond mate, whose name was Havron. While out doing his mission as a spaceship pilot, he died when his ship was caught in crossfire between energy ships and his own. He was about 600 years old then.

As far as my present bond mate, Commander Neron, goes, I would like to know what is his last name?

        A:   It has to do with how the energy body interacts with the physical body, and how the added mixture of both DNAs results in how a physical body or entity will be born, as to how their internal structure is designed and if it doesn’t have defect, that would be incompatible with life. The DNA is immediately activated upon fertilization of the ova with sperm.


Q:  Do only certain ET types breathe underwater and are aquatics, such as the reptoids and that’s it ...? or do other species have the ability to breathe underwater as well?

        A:   Those that evolved on water worlds have that ability to breathe underwater.

        If you would like to ask Commander Sanni some questions about space and space beings, please direct your questions to

        Sanni Ceto is the author of Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Survivor ($16), and its sequel, Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World ($12), both available from or from Earth Star Publications, P.O. Box 267, Eckert CO 81418.
        She advocates for autism and lives a quiet life in an undisclosed town in the Rocky Mountain West.


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