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An article from the April 2020 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

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As I type this, looking out my window, there are heavy flakes of snow falling. It happens to be the first day of spring (March 19). How ironic is it that this may be the biggest snowfall this area has seen this year?

At the moment, our world is at a standstill for the most part. The Corona virus has gripped the entire world and appears to be bringing society as we’ve known it to a halt. Having been laid off from my regular job, I am home all day and catching up on neglected tasks.

I’m also monitoring the news and trying not to panic over all the changes that are happening right now. For decades we only talked about something as big as this pandemic happening to our world. Then we grew placid ... things were actually going very well ... strange how it’s like an alien invasion ... a small thing such as a virus disrupting and destroying lives in ways we couldn’t even fathom.

It’s not easy to stay calm. It’s too easy to succumb to fear. We human beings are creatures of habit, and when our routines get disrupted, especially from something as ominous as a killer virus, it’s a challenge to relax and focus on what seems to be a scary subject ... our future.

My intention is that we will get through this event and then pick up the pieces and move forward ... maybe not back to our same comfort zones, but at least on a positive track toward something maybe better. Maybe this is the great shift we’ve been expecting ... who knows?

So this is my Spring Break, staying home and watching the snow on the first day of spring. Just a week ago, my neighbors were outside, starting to clean up the weed debris that accumulated over the winter. The birds were singing, the temperatures had climbed into the mid-60s, and we were looking forward to the summer months ahead.

Rather than place the blame on any one country, any one leader, or any political party, we need to focus on the fact that we, on Planet Earth, are all in this together. I believe things happen for a reason.

Yes, even disasters.

With the right attitude and a heart full of love and compassion, we can overcome this tragic period and begin to move forward.

Whenever there is a crisis, there are always good-intentioned people who come forward to help others and to calm those who would fly off the handle. As light workers we can do our part by sending loving thoughts and creative, positive, healing energy by dismissing blame, dismissing resentment toward others who are being chastised. We can go forward calmly with an attitude of gratitude and use our common sense.

As things stand at this moment, I’m not sure what is going to happen to Earth Star Publications or The Star Beacon and Wisp. I’m not even sure the printer company I use is going to be able to get my pages printed. I just don’t know if there is going to be a June issue coming out ... but if I have anything to say about it, there will be.

I do know this. We as light workers have been conditioned to continue our work during times such as these. There is the Internet. There is Earth Star’s website, Wisp’s website, and email. I will not give up communications, and even if there is disruption, perhaps I will be able to resume publication in the future. But with any luck, when June gets here, things will be back to normal and another Beacon will be in the mail to you. I vow to keep going as long as I can, God willing.

Thanks for being loyal readers and subscribers. Hang in there, do not give in to excessive worries, and do the best you can to keep your spirits up.

Take this time to utililize the tools of compassion we were given ... meditation, prayer, calling upon our angels and guides. They are there for us. We only need to ask.  n is publisher of The Star Beacon and Wisp, and author of more than 20 books in print. Visit Earth Star’s website at and check out her books at

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ISBN 978-0944851-29-6 (orig. $17)


Ann Ulrich Miller, Star Beacon publisher, is editor of The Star Beacon and Wisp, TSB’s sister publication.


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Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon and Wisp, and has authored 19 books. Check them out at






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