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An article from the October 2020 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

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What we are going through right now is The Shift. You all know that, don't you?

This is major. Some people, I've observed, just choose to ignore what is going on while others are way too involved, to the point where derangement sets in. These are not easy times in which we live.

Let me explain to you right now that if given the choice, I would back down from entering this arena of information that most likely will repel some of my readers, though I am sure there are many of you who probably will agree, or at least be willing to think about what is going on and consider the consequences of our choices.

But I feel compelled by my angels and guides to bring this issue to the forefront.

2020 has been one helluva year, hasn't it? Who would have imagined one year ago that shortly after the first couple of months, we'd be faced with a world-wide pandemic, resulting in escalations of fear and blame, not to mention the inevitable layoffs of people's jobs, shortages of toilet paper (of all things), and an insurgence of violence the likes of which a year ago we couldn't imagine happening?

So much is at stake right now. We could tilt one way or the other. The talk about New World Order persons trying to control our planet used to be considered simply conspiracy theory a couple of decades ago. Such harbingers were touted as fear mongers, whackos and crazy ones who were laughed at and not taken that seriously by the vast majority. And those who bought into it were considered nutjobs.

Well, it appears we now have evidence that there really are corrupt people trying to take over the world and everyone’s lives, some of whom are very rich and powerful people who could care less about our freedoms and God-given rights as human beings on Planet Earth.

Unfortunately, the main stream news is controlled by these same renegades with only a couple of exceptions. You won't hear on the MSM the fact that the President of the United States has been nominated not once, but twice, for the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing together nations in the Middle East. You won't hear about the many accomplishments this light worker has made in an unprecedented short time of service. You'll only hear about the lies and propaganda they want you to hear. Many are more concerned about the way he talks (like ordinary people) and not his major accomplishments.

Put on your Truth Filter right now. Do not listen to your lying ears! The future of Planet Earth is at stake, and unless we choose the path to enlightenment and freedom, I'm afraid all of our hard work over the many decades as light workers and wayshowers will be all for nought.

Most light workers I know understand the difference between the Truth and the Deception. The dark side has been very efficient at brainwashing us over the last decades through the entertainment industry, our public education system, and especially distracting us from our Path with "shock and awe" newscasts, wars, threats, and blowing simple things out of proportion in order to get us to go along with their P.C. programs. They want everyone to be the same ... except for themselves.

Diversity has nothing to do with what you are being told is "diverse." We are all souls. We are all made by the same Creator. We all have the spark of the Divine, and we have all lived through many lifetimes as different races, on different planets, experiencing different paths of lifetimes, different sexual preferences. The ones that accuse us of being "racist" or not "woke" are the ones who ARE the most racist and most UN-woke humans among us.

Any evolved soul can see right through all of this. I suggest we all put on an invisible "mirror" like a shield of armour—and when anyone accuses you of not being as "perfect" as they claim to be, flip the switch and turn on that mirror. I believe that those who accuse others of being racist or homophobic or simply a dirtbag have not ever looked within themselves to see that they have been all of those things.

My guides and angels are around me constantly now. I feel them and I interact with them. I laugh with them and they cry with me at times. But they are there. And guided means provided. Let’s go forward as we march toward 2021 with a warrior spirit of bringing Love and Light to Planet Earth and beyond.

Let freedom ring not just for the ones who would enslave us ... but for all.


Ann Ulrich Miller, publisher of The Star Beacon, writes from western Colorado.



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