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An article from the December 2020 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

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For many years a lot of us have wondered when the Shift was going to get here. For decades New Agers talked about the coming Shift of the Ages and the New Dawn. The year 2000 was the hopeful goal for many of us. Then 2000 came — along with the fears of Y2K — and it really didn’t amount to any significant changes.

Thanks to the Mayans, everyone then got on the bandwagon for the year 2012. Yes, the Ascension would be here in the year 2012 because ancient peoples predicted it! Well, 2012 came and went.

And here we are, nine years later, wondering if the year 2021 is going to be when consciousness shifts enough that people will wake up and life on Planet Earth will be in harmony. After the unbelievable year of trials and tribulations that 2020 experienced, some of us are wondering if somehow we missed the Shift. Are we doomed?

The space people say that time is irrelevant. Time is just a concept that we allow to run our lives here on Planet Earth. Time has no beginning and no end. It’s just Time. It goes on. Events and patterns in our lives change with time, and we can’t stop time. But we can accept it and not let it rule our lives to the extent that it wears us down.

Time is not running out. We may pass through many phases, and we all have ... but what really matters is the Moment. We are in the Moment at all times, although we can skip out of the moment consciously. It is common to revert to the Past and to dream about the Future. It’s actually what makes life fun. If we didn’t have a Past to reminisce over or a Future to set goals for, life would be dull.

The most important thing to do right now as we face uncertainly in the new year is to focus on the Now. When we stray outside the Now, we lose our focus and can easily get lost in all the muck of life in Planet Earth’s third density. Guilt and regret over past events we’ve created for ourselves and others haunt us, often causing some of us to lose sleep and become ill.

Worry about the future and what’s going to happen to us down the road is equally harmful. Fear sets in. We imagine all sorts of untoward events occurring for one reason or another, most of which we have no control over.

What good does it do, really, to dwell on mistakes of the past? Haven’t we learned from those mistakes? If so, we need to leave them behind and accept them as just another lesson in life on Planet Earth and be thankful that we grew and became better people because of them.

Then, if we fret too much about our future, we create fear and worry — dark thoughts that can cause illness in our bodies and our minds. Fear has been unleashed on this world like never before. And why? Because we are easily controlled through it.

Staying in the Now is the best option. An Attitude of Gratitude is my philosophy and has been for decades. If I start worrying about the fate of the world and my own existence, I stop and think about all of the things, all the people, all of the beauty in my life that I am grateful for. You can always look around and find people less fortunate, people with terminal illnesses, people who can’t feed their families, people who have no peace because they are too busy accusing others of faults they themselves possess. By projecting your problems onto others, you are attracting more of the same into your own life. Staying in the Now is the best way to maintain balance and peace in your life.

Have faith. God is still the ruler of this Universe. Thank God for your gift of life and the people in it. Thank yourself for your spirituality and desire to make Earth a better place. Do not let the thugs of the world bring you down. Their day will come when they have to face themselves and atone for any harms they have done. Naturally as humans we want to lash out and squish those trying to destroy our way of life and it’s human nature to want to curse them and get revenge.

But perhaps you can think of it this way. We are all in one huge play, where we are all acting parts and performing our roles. We’ve done this before! Maybe in a previous life we were the perpetrators. I still believe that everything happens for a reason, and as an incurable optimist I’ve always believed that things work out in the end. Stay in the Now.


Ann Ulrich Miller, publisher of The Star Beacon, writes from western Colorado.




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