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An article from the April 2021 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

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Cancel Culture is not of the Light

Unless you've been an ostrich and have had your head in the sand, I'm sure you are aware of what is going on in this turned-upside-down world we are in right now. Of course, I am writing this while it is still the month of March -- in the midst of "March madness" -- the likes of which I have never seen.

Possibly in April things have started to improve. But that's the optimist in me, of course. I've always tried to look at the bright side of all the bad stuff that happens to us. For me, there always has to be an explanation for circumstances that trip us up. "All this was predicted," I remember someone saying, or "It's always darkest before the dawn."

In the past year I have been paying more attention to the course of events in our world and listening to voices on platforms known only to real Truth Seekers in the population. I am grateful for those esoteric voices because without them, where would I be?

The casual observer may see that the corruption, chaos and crimes against people of faith and true conviction appears overwhelming. If you watch the evening TV news (and this includes Fox), you're probably overloaded with the worst kind of propaganda, to the point where it looks totally hopeless.

Everything you are being shown is dark and ugly ... the lies, the political impostors, the attacks, the labels they put on us, and how the dark ones are working us over, trying to persecute us because we don't want to adhere to their obscene and outrageous demands.

It's almost too much to bear. Particularly for lightworkers who have lived most of our lives "In Love," striving from the inner core of our being to make the world and the universe a better place for all. We did our work. We listened and we learned about evolvement of the Soul, the Law of One, the Galactic Federation, and we agreed to do our part in being Wayshowers of Truth and Light.

We were told that this day would come, that one day we would be faced with a terrible challenge ... but that we must keep on fighting for the Light and the Golden Age before us. We cannot give up our mission now.

Fear is the most dangerous weapon being used against us. It has been too easy for the dark side. Fear is an effective method to silence those who would speak out. I admit I don’t like to make waves and upset people ... but look what they are doing to us! I can see this will only grow worse unless more people take a stand, speak up, and fight back. Cowering in the shadows helps no one.

I'm not talking about fighting with weapons or going to war. Truth is what we must use. Spreading the truth and exposing the Love that we have buried for fear of being rejected, or of being labeled. Offer a serving of Truth to someone who appears deranged and confused from the hatred and lies. Give some encouraging tidbits of what you know in your heart is really going to happen when this war is won and the Light has prevailed.

There are plenty of voices on protected Internet channels that will open your eyes, your minds and your hearts with hope and gratitude. I invite you to check out Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and Juan O. Savin, ECETI and many others.

Since the huge debacle with Big Tech cancelling Parler and censoring us on Twitter and Facebook, many alternative platforms have emerged. Some of them include Telegram, which replaces Twitter; Bitchute, which replaces YouTube; Gab which replaces Facebook, and there are several others). Thankfully, Parler was rescued and is on its own server.

I don't like the fact that I am still required to wear a mask at my day job. Two people in the same room with me have both had COVID and recovered, but they still wear masks, and one of them plans to get the vaccine. Now, why would you want to get the vaccine when you've already had the disease and recovered? Why do you have to wear a mask?

I'd rather not wear mine because it affects my brain function (oxygen deprivation) and I believe in choice and not draconian measures that go against my nature and my common sense. But I don't want to get fired, so I comply ... with reluctance.

Just recently I experienced being cancelled. There are a few readers of the on-line Star Beacon feeds who lashed out at me for expressing views that triggered them. They insisted I take them off the list.

I was also recently cancelled by a family member. It's really very sad when that happens. I am still not over the hurt that I feel because of the derangement and venomous language that was meant to injure me. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before among my relatives. It does not feel right.

Anyway, I continue to pray for this person and send Love and Light for self-inflicted wounds. This is what darkness does to people's hearts and souls when they refuse to recognize Truth, put blame on the messenger and turn away from the Light.

I wish I had a cheerier column this month, but it is what it is ... and we are in these times that we knew were coming. The days ahead are ones we will face with the strength of our Light, knowing that our spirit compatriots are fighting with us to conquer the darkness and bring Planet Earth (and others) into the promised Golden Age.

Call upon them! They are waiting for us to ASK. They usually will not help us unless we ASK them to. Do not forget to thank them for helping us.

In some circles all of this is looked at as a movie playing out so that all can be revealed. I believe we will soon know so much more than we expect in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. If you like movies, grab your popcorn. God speed!


Ann Ulrich Miller, publisher of The Star Beacon for 34 years this month, is a dedicated patriot to Truth and Light.




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