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An article from the August 2021 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

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Time to Answer Our Calling

Lightworkers are powerful people, both as individuals and in groups. For decades we’ve been working, more or less, in the shadows. Some of us joined or started meetings or organizations, in order to bring awareness to those not yet fully awake and to share the information we received. Some have preferred to do their work as individuals, avoiding exposure to ridicule ... or worse cancellation (in what is now referred to as Cancel Culture).

Most of us who are lightworkers are sensitive, kind, enlightened beings to varying degrees, and we know that our mission has been to expose darkness (and evil) and to shine our Light to extinguish darkness and awaken those who are lost, afraid or simply ignorant of the amazing Reality of Being.

Some do not even know they are lightworkers, and some call themselves by different names (teachers, patriots, social volunteers, rescuers, protectors, promoters of various religious beliefs and healers, etc.). There is no judgment as to what you call yourself or how others see you.

Now is the time for us to step up to the plate and fulfill the mission we came here to do. This does not necessarily mean you need to march in the streets with signs or become some kind of vigilante. We have better tools, such as Compassion, Fortitude and our most powerful "weapon" -- Love. We underestimate the power of love and our own personal abilities to carry out the mission of bringing in the Light.

As you may have noticed in the last several months, it is not just the USA that has been under siege by evil ones, but the whole planet. Almost every nation has been going through rebellions or distress of one kind or another. We are in an Armageddon, but because Light is stronger than darkness, I believe there is no way we can lose this fight for our freedom and move Planet Earth into the next level -- the Golden Age.

We are not alone in this. Our often unseen helpers are present (higher beings of Light, extraterrestrials who care about us and are in this fight to help us win, and many forces that are in the works that we cannot even fathom).

My sources are not the usual media you may be familiar with. TV news, unfortunately, is badly slanted -- intentionally distorted to sway viewers and mislead them. There are alternative channels on the internet, but you still need to take it all with a grain of salt because it's most important to keep an open, questioning mind of everything you hear and see.

Your own Core Being is your best source of truth. If you are aligned with Love and Light, you will know what rings true and what doesn't. If you are confused, pray and ask Source to protect you and surround you with loving guides and angels.

Remove fear from your thoughts. TV outlets often use fear-porn to control you, to distort your thoughts and invoke the negative emotions such as hatred, confusion and surrender because they make you think there is nothing you can do about anything that is going on. Divide and Conquer is the weapon of choice for the dark side.

Do remember, we are not doomed. We have a most wonderful future ahead of us, and what we THINK we CREATE. We are all so gifted, yet so few believe this and allow negativity to slip through the cracks of their better judgment. A positive attitude toward your life and our future has never been more important to share than it is now.

So how do we cope with all of this? And what in the heck is taking so long for this "war" to be over? It's a wonder there are so many people suffering with debilitating diseases after this past year and a half of dealing with covid, masks, vaccination pressure, so-called social distancing (meant only to drive us apart from one another) and lies that change to fit the narrative. This is a war we are in, the war between good and evil, and the weapons they use against us are weapons of deception. What you see and hear is probably not Truth. In order to discover the truth, you must go within and look at the whole picture, not just what They want you to see and believe.

I would advise you to do your own research and make up your own mind -- not what someone else tells you because it's the politically correct thing to believe.


Ann Ulrich Miller, publisher of The Star Beacon, is a novelist and writer of memoirs, romantic suspense and Young Adult mysteries. She recently retired from her day job and plans to do more writing and audiobooks, as well as help others publish their books. Check out her Author website at and be sure
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Ann Ulrich Miller, Star Beacon publisher, is editor of The Star Beacon and Wisp, TSB’s sister publication.


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